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Hi. We’re Juicy Marbles, a collective of creators who do food, science, and art.

Fig 2 - World’s first plant-based ribs with edible bones

For the love of primal pleasures.

When food is involved, our humanity is on full display. Whether we’re feeding our children or throwing diabolical dinner parties with our reasonably-insane friends, our most primal nature is revealed in all its majesty. Once eaten, food literally becomes us. If eating isn’t the most sacred, fucking wholesome ritual of our lives, I don’t know what is. On this note, we constantly get asked what our mission is. Some days, it feels like we do it all to save the world. Other days, it just feels like an elaborate way to pay rent. Both are true. But on our best days, we remember our true mission: to make food that feeds not only our body, but also our soul. Whoa, that was deep. Bon appetite!

-Mr. Marbles

Fig 3 & 4 - the Whole-Cut Loin being worked

But how?

Marbles’ meats aren’t grown in a lab, 3D printed or made with shady chemicals. We’re just channeling the energy of a large-cheeked grandma with a profanely vast knowledge of physics, and an innate desire to feed all living, breathing creatures. She has fluffy purple hair. She is small yet sturdy.

She wants you to enjoy your food and be healthy. And you know grandma doesn’t bring that 80’s idea of ‘health,’ which tasted as if the color beige somehow became safe for human consumption. No no. She brings the fucking house down. Nobody knows how she can make you feel so cozy and yet so nourished. Her ways are unattainable by mere mortals.

Useless information zone

Fig 5 - Thick-Cut Filet packaging demonstrates the scientific rigour behind our work

We did have with fun these paragraphs on our packaging, but as soon as it got printed, and we re-read them, a profound sense of regret emerged.

Fig 6 - Whole-Cut Loin packaging offers a glimpse into the suffering we all endure

Fig 7 - instagram post about how Mr.Marbles was born

The tale of Mr.Marbles was told in one of our Instagram posts. The story’s validity is yet to be confirmed.


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