Terms & Conditions



BEVO d.o.o. , Slamnikarska 4, 1230 Domžale, Slovenia, registration number: 8458740000, tax number: SI 22662588


BEVO d.o.o. is a company engaged in the development, production and sale of vegan food.



  • General Terms and Conditions of Business

    1.1. The General Terms and Conditions of Business (hereinafter referred to as the General Terms and Conditions) of BEVO d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) form an integral part of all contracts between the Company and purchasers of products from EU (hereinafter also referred to as: consumers) who buy products from the Company.


    1.2 The provisions of the General Terms and Conditions shall also apply to all legal and commercial declarations and other services arising out of the business between the Company and the Consumer.


    1.3 The present General Terms and Conditions of Business have been drawn up in accordance with the EU regulation regarding Consumer Protection, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and principles on Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes.


    1.4 Application of terms:

    • A consumer (hereinafter also referred to as a customer) is any customer who is a natural person and acquires or uses the Company's goods for personal purposes or for purposes outside his/her professional or gainful activity.
    • An offer is a single term for an offer in various forms, an invoice or other form of proposal for the conclusion of a contract offered by the Company to a Consumer and which, once accepted, binds the Consumer.
    • Contract means an agreement in writing between the Company and the Consumer. An offer or invoice sent by the Company to the Consumer and accepted or confirmed by the Consumer shall also be deemed to constitute the conclusion of a contract. The present General Terms and Conditions shall form an integral part of each contract.
    • The subject matter of the contract may be any product listed in the Company's sales catalog.


    1.5 With regard to the notification to the Consumer of the delivery, conclusion, cancellation or modification of the Contract and any other information, the broadcast theory shall apply. This means that the date on which the Company sends the notice by means of a communication medium shall be deemed to be the date of notification to the Consumer.


    1.6 All notices to Consumers shall be given by the Company by email.


    1.7 The Company undertakes to provide the following information on its website at all times:

    • The identity of the Company (name of the company, address of registered office, registration and tax number, details of registration in the register, indicating the register and registration number)
    • Contact details of the Company (e-mail address)
    • The main characteristics of the goods to the extent relevant to the data carrier and the goods (including information on repurchase services, legal warranties of conformity of the goods and voluntary warranties)
    • Information on the deliverability of the products
    • The final price of the goods, including taxes, or the method of calculating the price where the price cannot be calculated in advance due to the nature of the goods
    • Information on any additional transport, delivery or shipping costs or a warning that such costs may be incurred if they cannot be calculated in advance
    • Payment and delivery terms
    • Period of validity of the offer
    • Conditions and time limits for withdrawal from the contract
    • Acknowledgement of liability for material defects
    • Details of the complaints procedure


    1.8 The Company undertakes not to impose any contractual terms which are unfair to the consumer. Unfair contractual terms and conditions shall be null and void.


    1. Application of the General Terms and Conditions


    2.1 The present General Terms and Conditions shall prevail over, i.e. fully replace, any missing, different, void or conflicting contractual provisions between the Company and the Consumer.


    2.2 The present General Terms and Conditions shall supersede any general terms and conditions and other documents of the Customer, unless the application of the present General Terms and Conditions is expressly excluded by the Company in writing.


    2.3 The General Terms and Conditions shall form an integral part of the contracts concluded between the Consumer and the Company. By entering into a contract, the Consumer fully agrees to the contents of the subject General Terms and Conditions and confirms that he/she is fully aware of the contents of the subject General Terms and Conditions.


    2.4. The present General Terms and Conditions are available at the following link: https://eu.juicymarbles.com/pages/terms-conditions. The General Terms and Conditions may also be consulted at the Company's registered office.


    2.5 The placing of a valid order in the Company's online shop shall be deemed to constitute the conclusion of a contract.


    2.6 The General Terms and Conditions shall only be binding on the consumer if he has been expressly informed of their existence prior to the conclusion of the contract or offer.


    1. Changes to the General Terms and Conditions


    3.1 If the General Terms and Conditions are amended, the amendments shall become binding on the Consumer from the date on which the Consumer becomes aware of them.


    3.2 The Consumer shall be deemed to be aware of the changes at the moment of publication of the change on the website and at the moment of confirmation of the order. The Consumer shall be deemed to have accepted the amendment to the General Terms and Conditions.


    3.3. A Consumer who does not agree with the change to the General Terms and Conditions shall be obliged to submit a written statement of disagreement to the Company within 2 days of becoming aware of the change. If the Consumer does not notify his/her disagreement with the amendments to the General Terms and Conditions within the specified time limit, the Consumer shall be deemed to have accepted the amendments. If the Consumer declares that he/she does not agree with the amended General Terms and Conditions, the Company shall have the right to withdraw from the contract.


    3.4 In the event that a provision in the Contract or the General Terms and Conditions is invalid or unenforceable or a legal vacuum is created, the remaining provisions in the Contract or the General Terms and Conditions shall not be affected, provided that the parties agree that the provision closest to the intent or purpose of the Contract shall apply in place of the invalid or unenforceable or non-existent provision.


    1. General provisions


    4.1 The Consumer is obliged to inform the Company of all information and facts relevant to the establishment and continuation of the legal business relationship.


    4.2 The Company collects certain personal data of Consumers. The types of personal data, the purposes for which they are processed and the legal grounds for processing are governed by the Privacy Policy, which forms an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions of Business. Customers may consult the Privacy Policy at https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/40957350.


    4.3 The Company endeavours to ensure that the information and data contained in the Online Shop is up-to-date. In the advertising messages and product descriptions in the Company's online shop, there may be minor discrepancies with regard to the actual characteristics of the product, which shall not be binding on the Company. However, the Company shall be bound by all statements regarding the characteristics of the goods included in the specific offer or contract.  


    4.4 The Company reserves the right to change the specifications or information referred to in the preceding clause without prior notice to the Consumer, and the specifications and information shall only be binding if set out in a contract.


    4.5 The Company shall be bound in its dealings with consumers by the statements made in advertising communications concerning prices, characteristics of the goods and warranty conditions. The prices in the advertising messages are indicated in euros and include VAT.


    1. Prices


    5.1 The prices displayed on the Company's website are subject to change without notice.


    5.2 Prices are binding from the moment the Consumer completes and correctly submits the order. In the event that the price information is incorrect or the prices change during the processing of the order, the Consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract.  


    5.3 The prices indicated in the price list on the Company's website include VAT.


    5.4 The contract between the Company and the Consumer shall be saved electronically and stored on the Company's server after the order has been successfully placed and confirmed. The contract shall be accessible to the Consumer upon written request.


    5.5 In the case of delivery of Products, standard packaging is included in the price of the Product. The Company may additionally charge for the cost of transporting the goods at the price set out in the price list.


    1. Payment methods


    6.1 The Company provides the following methods of payment for the Products:

    • Payment via PayPal to the Company's bank account
    • Payment by payment (bank or credit) card (MasterCard, Visa, etc.) via Stripe Inc.


    6.2 The security of personal data and payments is the responsibility of the payment service providers. For all other purposes, the Company uses appropriate technical and organisational means to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data and payment information.


    6.3 If the User selects the option of payment by payment card at the time of ordering and payment is made at the time of ordering, cancellation of the order is not possible thereafter. A refund of the purchase price is only possible if the object of the order has not been delivered to the user due to an error on the part of the provider.


    1. Invoicing


    7.1 The Company shall send the Consumer an invoice for the goods ordered to the email address provided by the Customer at the time of ordering on the Company's website.


    7.2 It is the Customer's responsibility to review all details and specifications of the order before proceeding with the order. Objections made subsequently regarding the inaccuracy of invoices issued shall be irrelevant.


    1. Ownership


    8.1 All records, deeds and other documentation relating to the subject matter of the Contract shall be and remain the property of the Company after the Contract has been entered into unless the Company has granted written permission for the use of such material. In the event that the Company has given its consent to the use of such documentation, the Consumer undertakes to use the said documentation exclusively for the agreed purposes; reproduction, distribution, modification, public display and broadcasting and other forms of exploitation are prohibited without the written consent of the Company. The Consumer agrees and expressly acknowledges that the said documentation constitutes a business secret of the Company.


    8.2 Unless otherwise agreed in the contract between the Company and the Consumer, the Company reserves the ownership, copyright and related rights in all documents necessary or provided in connection with the conclusion and/or performance of the contract.


    8.3 The Company is the owner or licensee of all intellectual property on the Website. For this reason, it may not be used for commercial purposes. If the Company determines that the Customer has made unauthorised use of intellectual property owned by the Company, the Company may prohibit the Consumer from using the Website and the Consumer shall return or destroy any materials produced by the Company as a result of that infringement.


    1. Confidential Information


    9.1 Contracts concluded between the Company and the Consumer constitute confidential information. Confidential information includes any information provided by the Company to the Customer prior to the conclusion of the contract, such as various manuals, instructions, tables, price lists, business or financial data, etc. The Consumer undertakes to keep the Company's confidential data private for the duration of the contractual relationship and for 5 years after its termination. In the event of a breach of this provision, the Customer shall be liable in accordance with the applicable civil and criminal legislation.


    1. Limitation of liability


    10.1 The Company endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the information published in the Online Shop. The characteristics of the products, the delivery period or the price may change so quickly that the Company is unable to correct the information in the online shop. In this case, the Company will inform the Customer of the changes and give the Customer the opportunity to cancel the order or exchange the goods ordered.


    10.2 Photographs do not guarantee the characteristics of the goods. The Company endeavours to provide accurate photographs of the Products for sale, but all photographs should be taken as symbolic.


    10.3 The Company reserves the right to temporarily disable access to the Website in the event of technical problems or maintenance work. In the event of technical problems, the Company reserves the right to cancel any orders placed during the period of technical problems. In such cases, the Company will immediately inform the Customer of the technical problems and provide instructions on how to proceed. Before visiting the Company's website, the Customer must, at his own risk, ensure the security of its technical means of access to the website and the security of usernames and passwords on the website.


    10.4 The Company reserves the right, exceptionally, to withdraw from the execution of an order in cases where the products ordered are no longer deliverable or where the Customer is found to have an increased payment risk.In all such and similar cases, the Consumer will be informed immediately of any withdrawal by the Company.


    10.5 The Company reserves the right to withdraw from the contract if a material mistake is established in accordance with the applicable Code of Obligations. This includes obvious errors in price.


    1. Handling of complaints and settlement of disputes


    11.1 The parties undertake to settle all disputes amicably, and in the event that all out-of-court means of reaching an agreement have been exhausted, the competent court shall have jurisdiction to settle the dispute, depending on the permanent or temporary residence of the consumer.


    11.2 In accordance with the statutory regime, the Company does not recognise any out-of-court consumer dispute resolution provider as having jurisdiction to resolve a consumer dispute that a consumer may bring under the Act on Out-of-Court Resolution of Consumer Disputes.


    11.3 A provider which, as a supplier of goods, provides online trade in the territory of the European Union, shall publish on its website an electronic link to the Online Consumer Dispute Resolution Platform (ODRP). The ODRP is available to consumers at the following link: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.show&lng=SL 

    The above-mentioned regime is based on the Act on Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes, Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2013 on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22/EC.


    11.4 The Company shall comply with applicable consumer protection legislation and shall ensure an efficient and confidential complaints handling system. Complaints should be sent to support.eu@juicymarbles.com.


    11.5 The Company will acknowledge receipt of the complaint to the Consumer within 5 working days of receipt of the complaint and inform the Customer of the progress and duration of the complaint procedure.


    1. Withdrawal of the Company from the Contract


    12.1 In the event of a breach by the Customer of the provisions of the Contract or these General Terms and Conditions, the Company shall have the right to withdraw from the Contract without further notice to the Customer. In such event, the Company shall refund any amounts paid to the Customer's transaction account.


    12.2 The Company shall have the right to withdraw from the Contract if the Consumer fails to fulfill his/her obligations, if he/she provides the Company with untrue information that makes it difficult or impossible to fulfill the Contract and if he/she fails to pay his/her obligations in accordance with the Contract and these General Terms and Conditions.


    1. Order placement procedure


    13.1. On the Website, the Consumer may click on the "ADD TO CART" option. The system will then issue a notification of the successful addition of the product to the cart of the desired goods. Once the system has recorded the added product in the cart, the consumer may return to the shop by clicking on the relevant button or proceed with the payment process.


    13.2 If the Customer wishes to remove a particular product from the shopping cart, he/she can access the added products by clicking on the carticon (top right corner of the homepage) and remove any product by clicking the “x” icon located to the right side of each item in the cart. If the Customer wishes to add new products to the cart, he/she shall do so by clicking anywhere outside the bounding box area of the cart overlay or by clicking the “x” icon in the top-right corner of the Cart overlay and then repeating the procedure set out in the preceding Article.


    13.3. After confirming the content of the cart by clicking on the “CHECK OUT” button at the bottom of the cart overlay, the system shall redirect the Customer to the information form. In order to execute the order, the Customer must correctly fill in all fields except those marked as optional. The system allows the Customer to save the data provided in the user account for future orders.


    13.4 The Customer may choose between the above payment methods.


    13.5 If the User has a discount code, he/she can enter it in the specially marked field when placing the order.


    13.6. The User shall specify the delivery address and choose between the above payment methods.


    13.7. Before placing an order, the User may check and, if necessary, correct all the data entered in relation to the order, which the system will display to the User after successful confirmation of all the previous stages of the procedure. The User confirms the order by clicking on the "Pay Now" button, thereby committing to the contract and confirming that he is obliged to pay. If the order is successfully placed, the system displays the order number.


    13.8. Upon successful submission of the order, the User will receive an email confirmation of receipt and confirmation of the order.


    1. Delivery terms


    14.1 The delivery charge and whether it is included in the price of the Product depends on the price list.


    14.2 In the event that the Company is unable to dispatch the Goods within the promised delivery period for unforeseeable reasons, the Company shall notify the Customer of the new delivery period via the contact details provided.


    14.3 In no event shall the Company be liable for non-delivery of the Goods for reasons beyond its control. The Company will use its best endeavours to ensure that the delivery of the Goods is made as quickly as possible and that the Customer is kept informed of any delays in delivery by the Supplier on a regular and timely basis.


    14.4 In the event that the Customer fails to receive the ordered Goods within the agreed time, the Customer shall call upon the Company to perform its obligations and shall allow the Company a further period of time in which to perform its obligations. If the Company fails to deliver or fulfil its obligations even within the additional period, the Customer may withdraw from the concluded contract and demand reimbursement of the amounts already paid for the purchase of the goods.


    14.5 Delivery times for the Products may be affected by unforeseeable factors such as, but not limited to, traffic congestion, rush hour and weather conditions for which the Company shall not be liable.


    1. Acceptance of Goods


    15.1 In the event of delivery of the Goods through delivery service partners, the Customer shall take delivery of the Goods in accordance with the terms and conditions of the delivery service provider.


    1. Right of withdrawal


    16.1 The consumer shall not have the right to withdraw from the order in accordance with the Article 16 of Directive 2011/83/EU for food Products, because the order concerns: the delivery of sealed goods which are not suitable for return for health or hygiene reasons, if the consumer has opened the seal after delivery and the delivery of food, where the company undertakes to fulfill its obligation on a specific date or within a specific time limit. For other non-food Products (such as merchandise etc.) the Consumer has the right to communicate to the Company that she/he is withdrawing from the contract within 14 days from the receipt of the non-food products without having to state the reason for his decision. The withdrawal time period shall start to expire the day after the date of the receipt of the goods.


    16.2. Once the receipt of the order has been acknowledged, the contents of the order or the final amount of the order may not be changed, except exceptionally with the Company's approval.


    1. Liability for errors of fact and law


    17.1 The Company undertakes to refund the purchase price paid or to replace the Products in any way if they fail to meet the specifications or other non-conformity requirements set out in the description of the Products or in advertising available at the time of or prior to the conclusion of the Contract ("Defects").


    17.2 The Company shall be liable for material defects in the Goods at the time when the risk of accidental destruction or damage passed to the Customer. This point in time shall normally be the moment of acceptance of the goods.


    17.3: Material defect occurs: 

    • if the goods do not have the characteristics necessary for their normal use or for their circulation;
    • if the thing does not have the characteristics necessary for the particular use for which the buyer is buying it, which was known or ought to have been known to the seller;
    • if the thing does not possess the qualities and characteristics which were expressly or tacitly agreed or prescribed;
    • if the seller has handed over an item which does not correspond to a sample or model, unless the sample or model was shown for information purposes only.


    17.4 The Customer is obliged to inspect the object of the Contract immediately or as soon as possible, to identify any defects and to record them. Otherwise, the Company shall disregard material defects which are not hidden and which were known or should have been known when the subject matter of the Contract was inspected.


    17.5 The Customer shall notify the Company of obvious material defects immediately after due inspection, at the latest within 48 hours of receipt and immediately after the actual discovery of the hidden material defect. Otherwise, the Company shall not be liable for the said defects.


    17.6 The Customer shall notify the Company of the defect within two months of discovery of the defect.


    17.7 The Company shall be liable for defects existing at the time of delivery of the Goods and which become apparent within two years from the date of delivery of the Goods.


    17.8 After notifying the Company of a material defect, the Consumer must allow the Company to inspect the Goods and describe the defect in more detail in the notice of material defect.


    17.9 The Company shall not take into account insignificant material defects.


    17.10. If the Company establishes the existence of a material defect in accordance with the Consumer's timely and correct notice, the Consumer shall be entitled to demand from the Company in respect of the Goods in the following order:

    • repair or replacement of the Goods(request for restoration of conformity free of charge),
    • the return of a proportion of the amount paid in proportion to the defect (request for reduction of the purchase price),
    • return of the amount paid (withdrawal from the contract of sale)


    In the case of a request for free restoration of conformity, the repair of the goods is impossible and the consumer has no right to choose between repair and replacement.


    The consumer shall request the Company to restore the conformity of the goods free of charge within a reasonable period, which shall not exceed 30 days from the time of notification.


    If the Company fails to repair or replace the goods within this period, the consumer is entitled to a reduction in the purchase price or to withdraw from the contract and to a refund.


    17.11. Where the Consumer withdraws from the contract of sale, the Company shall refund the amount paid to the Consumer without delay, but no later than eight days after the material defect has been identified.


    However, where the consumer requests a proportionate reduction of the purchase price, the Company shall refund part of the purchase price within eight days of receipt of the request for a proportionate reduction.


    17.12. The Company warrants that no third party has any proprietary right or copyright or industrial property right in relation to the subject matter of the Contract which would exclude, diminish or restrict the Customer's rights. The Company warrants that these rights are protected by contracts concluded between the Company and its contractual partners.


    Last update: 1.3.2024




    BEVO d.o.o. , Slamnikarska 4, 1230 Domžale, Slovenija, matična številka: 8458740000, davčna številka: SI 22662588


    Gospodarska družba BEVO d.o.o se ukvarja z razvojem, proizvodnjo in prodajo veganske hrane.



    1. Splošni pogoji poslovanja


    1.1. Splošni pogoji poslovanja (v nadaljevanju splošni pogoji) družbe BEVO d.o.o. (v nadaljevanju Družba) so sestavni del vseh pogodb med Družbo in kupci izdelkov (v nadaljevanju tudi: potrošniki), ki poslujejo z Družbo.


    1.2. Določila splošnih pogojev se uporabljajo tudi za vse pravno-poslovne izjave in druge storitve, ki izhajajo iz poslovanja med Družbo in potrošnikom.


    1.3. Predmetni splošni pogoji poslovanja so sestavljeni v skladu z Zakonom o varstvu potrošnikov (ZVPot-1), Splošno uredbo o varstvu osebnih podatkov (SUVP oz. GDPR), Zakonom o varstvu osebnih podatkov (ZVOP-2), , Zakon o izvensodnem reševanju potrošniških sporov (ZIsRPS) in Zakonom o elektronskih komunikacijah (ZEKom-2).


    1.4. Uporaba pojmov:

    • Potrošnik (v nadaljevanju tudi stranka) je vsaka stranka, ki je fizična oseba in pridobiva ali uporablja blago Družbe za osebne namene oziroma za namene izven svoje poklicne ali pridobitne dejavnosti.
    • Ponudba je enoten izraz za ponudbo v raznovrstnih oblikah, predračun ali drugo obliko predloga za sklenitev pogodbe, ki ga Družba ponudi potrošniku in ki potrošnika po sprejemu zavezuje.
    • Pogodba je sporazum v pisni obliki, ki je sklenjen med Družbo in potrošnikom. Za sklenitev pogodbe se šteje tudi ponudba ali predračun, ki ga Družba pošlje potrošniku in ga potrošnik sprejme oziroma potrdi. Predmetni splošni pogoji so sestavni del vsake pogodbe.
    • Predmet pogodbe so lahko vsi izdelki iz prodajnega kataloga Družbe.


    1.5. Glede obveščanja potrošnika o dobavi, sklenitvi, odstopu ali spremembi pogodbe in vseh drugih informacij velja oddajna teorija. To pomeni, da se za dan obvestitve potrošnika šteje datum, ko Družba odpošlje obvestilo po komunikacijskem mediju.


    1.6. Vsa obvestila potrošnikom Družba posreduje preko e-maila.


    1.7. Družba se zavezuje, da bo v vsakem trenutku na svoji spletni strani nudila sledeče informacije:

    • Podatke o identiteti Družbe (ime podjetja, naslov sedeža, matična in davčna številka, podatki o vpisu v register z navedbo registra in številko vpisa)
    • Kontaktne podatke Družbe(e- poštni naslov)
    • Glavne značilnosti blaga v obsegu, ki ustreza nosilcu podatkov in blagu (vključno z informacijami o ponakupnih storitvah, zakonskimi jamstvi za skladnost blaga in prostovoljnih jamstvih)
    • Informacije o dobavljivosti izdelkov
    • Končno ceno blaga, vključno z davki, ali načinom izračuna cene, kadar cene zaradi narave blaga ni mogoče izračunati vnaprej
    • Informacije o morebitnih dodatnih stroških prevoza, dostave ali pošiljanja ali opozorilo, da taki stroški lahko nastanejo, če jih ni mogoče vnaprej izračunati
    • Plačilne in dobavne pogoje 
    • Obdobje veljavnosti ponudbe
    • Pogoje in roke za odstop od pogodbe
    • Seznanitev z odgovornostjo za stvarne napake
    • Podatke o pritožbenem postopku


    1.8. Družba se zavezuje, da ne bo postavljala nobenih pogodbenih pogojev, ki bi bili nepošteni do potrošnika, v skladu z določbami ZVPot-1. Nepošteni pogodbeni pogoji so nični.


    1. Uporaba splošnih pogojev poslovanja


    2.1. Predmetni splošni pogoji so prednostni, torej v celoti nadomestijo manjkajoča, drugačna, nična in nasprotujoča pogodbena določila med Družbo in potrošnikom.


    2.2. Predmetni splošni pogoji nadomestijo kakršnekoli splošne pogoje in druge dokumente stranke, razen če uporabo predmetnih splošnih pogojev Družba izrecno izključi v pisni obliki.


    2.3. Splošni pogoji so sestavni del pogodb, sklenjenih med potrošnikom in Družbo. S sklenitvijo pogodbe se potrošnik v celoti strinja z vsebino predmetnih splošnih pogojev in potrjuje, da je v celoti seznanjen z vsebino predmetnih splošnih pogojev.


    2.4. Predmetni splošni pogoji so dostopni na spletni povezavi http://www.juicymarbles.com/eu/splosni-pogoji. Seznanitev s splošnimi pogoji poslovanja je možna tudi na poslovnem naslovu Družbe.


    2.5. Oddaja veljavnega naročila v spletni trgovini družbe se šteje za sklenitev pogodbe.


    2.6. Splošni pogoji so za potrošnika zavezujoči le, če je bil pred sklenitvijo pogodbe ali ponudbe izrecno obveščen o njihovem obstoju.

    1. Spremembe splošnih pogojev poslovanja


    3.1. Ob morebitni spremembi splošnih pogojev postanejo spremembe za potrošnika zavezujoče z dnem, ko se z njimi seznani.


    3.2. Šteje se, da je potrošnik seznanjen s spremembami v trenutku objave spremembe na spletni strani in ob potrditvi oddaje naročila. S tem se šteje, da potrošnik soglaša s spremembo splošnih pogojev.


    3.3. Potrošnik, ki ne soglaša s spremembo splošnih pogojev, je dolžan v 2 dneh po seznanitvi s spremembami podati Družbi pisno izjavo o nestrinjanju. Če potrošnik v določenem roku ne sporoči svojega nestrinjanja s spremembami splošnih pogojev, se šteje, da se s spremembami strinja. V kolikor potrošnik poda izjavo, da ne soglaša s spremenjenimi pogoji poslovanja, ima Družba pravico, da odstopi od pogodbe.


    3.4. V primeru, da bi bila posamezna določba v pogodbi ali splošnih pogojih neveljavna ali neizvedljiva ali če bi nastala pravna praznina, to ne vpliva na ostala določila v pogodbi ali splošnih pogojih, pri čemer sta pogodbeni stranki soglasni, da se namesto neveljavne ali neizvedljive ali neobstoječe določbe uporablja določba, ki je najbližja namenu ali cilju pogodbe.

    1. Splošne določbe


    4.1. Potrošnik je dolžan obvestiti Družbo o vseh podatkih in dejstvih, ki so pomembni za vzpostavitev in nadaljevanje pravno poslovnega odnosa.


    4.2. Družba zbira nekatere osebne podatke potrošnikov. Vrste osebnih podatkov, namene njihove obdelave ter zakonske podlage za obdelavo ureja dokument Politika zasebnosti, ki je sestavni del splošnih pogojev poslovanja. Stranke se lahko seznanijo s Politiko zasebnosti na https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/40957350.


    4.3. Družba se trudi zagotavljati ažurnost informacij in podatkov v okviru spletne trgovine. Pri oglaševalskih sporočilih in v opisih izdelkov v spletni trgovini Družbe lahko pride do manjših odstopanj glede dejanskih lastnosti izdelka, ki ne zavezujejo Družbe. Družbo pa zavezujejo vse navedbe glede lastnosti blaga, ki so vključene v konkretni ponudbi oziroma pogodbi.  


    4.4. Družba si pridržuje pravico do spremembe specifikacij ali informacij iz predhodne točke, brez predhodnega obvestila potrošniku, specifikacije in informacije pa so obvezujoče zgolj v primeru, če so določene v pogodbi.


    4.5. Družbo pri poslovanju s potrošniki zavezujejo navedbe v oglaševalskih sporočilih o cenah, lastnostih blaga in garancijskih pogojih. Cene v oglaševalskih sporočilih so označene v evrih in vključujejo DDV.

    1. Cene


    5.1. Cene, prikazane na spletnem naslovu Družbe se lahko spremenijo brez predhodnega obvestila.


    5.2. Cene zavezujejo od trenutka, ko potrošnik zaključi in pravilno odda naročilo. V primeru, da je podatek o ceni napačen ali se med obdelavo naročila cene spremenijo, ima potrošnik pravico do odstopa od pogodbe.  


    5.3. Cene, ki so navedene v ceniku na spletni strani Družbe, vključujejo DDV. 


    5.4. Pogodba med Družbo in potrošnikom se po uspešni oddaji naročila in njeni potrditvi shrani v elektronski obliki ter se shrani na strežniku Družbe. Potrošniku je pogodba dostopna na pisno zahtevo.


    5.5. V primeru dostave izdelkov je standardna embalaža vključena v ceno izdelka. Stroške prevoza blaga podjetje lahko dodatno zaračuna po ceni, navedeni v ceniku.

    1. Plačilne metode


    6.1. Družba omogoča plačilo za izdelke na sledeče načine:

    • Plačilo preko aplikacije PayPal na bančni račun Družbe
    • Plačilo s plačilnimi (bančnimi oziroma kreditnimi) karticami (MasterCard, Visa,...) preko Stripe Inc.


    6.2. Varnost osebnih podatkov in plačil je v domeni ponudnikov plačilnih storitev. Za vse ostalo Družba uporablja primerna tehnična in organizacijska sredstva za zagotavljanje varnosti in tajnosti osebnih podatkov ter plačilnih informacij.


    6.3. V kolikor uporabnik ob naročilu izbere možnost plačila s plačilno kartico in plačilo ob naročilu izvede, preklic naročila po tem ni mogoč. Povračilo kupnine je možno samo v primeru, če predmet naročila uporabniku ni bil dostavljen, zaradi napake na strani ponudnika.

    1. Izstavljanje računov


    7.1. Družba pošlje potrošniki račun za naročeno blago na e-poštni naslov, ki ga stranka navede ob naročilu na spletni strani Družbe.


    7.2. Dolžnost stranke je, da pred izvedbo naročila pregleda vse podatke in specifikacije naročila. Kasneje podani ugovori glede nepravilnosti izdanih računov niso upoštevni.

    1. Lastništvo


    8.1. Vsi zapisi, listine in druga dokumentacija, povezana s predmetom pogodbe, so in ostanejo v lasti Družbe tudi po sklenitvi pogodbe, razen če je Družba izdala pisno dovoljenje za uporabo tega gradiva. V primeru, da Družba izda soglasje za uporabo te dokumentacije, se potrošnik zavezuje, da bo omenjeno dokumentacijo uporabljal izključno za dogovorjene namene; prepovedana je reprodukcija, distribucija, spreminjanje, javno prikazovanje in predvajanje ter ostale oblike izkoriščanja brez pisnega soglasja Družbe. Potrošnik soglaša in je izrecno seznanjena, da omenjena dokumentacija predstavlja poslovno skrivnost Družbe.


    8.2. Če v pogodbi med Družbo in potrošnikom ni dogovorjeno drugače, si Družba pridržuje lastninsko, avtorsko ter sorodne pravice na vseh dokumentih, ki so potrebni ali zagotovljeni v zvezi s sklenitvijo in/ali izvrševanjem pogodbe.


    8.3. Družba je lastnik oziroma imetnik licence za vso intelektualno lastnino na spletni strani. Zaradi tega se le-ta ne sme uporabljati za komercialne namene. Če Družba ugotovi, da je stranka brez dovoljenja uporabljala intelektualno lastnino v njeni lasti, lahko Družba potrošniku prepove uporabo spletne strani, ob tem pa mora potrošnik vrniti ali uničiti vse materiale, ki jih je izdelal na podlagi navedene kršitve.

    1. Zaupne informacije


    9.1. Pogodbe, sklenjene med Družbo in potrošnikom predstavljajo zaupne podatke. Za zaupne podatke se štejejo tudi vsi podatki, ki jih Družba posreduje naročniku pred sklenitvijo pogodbe, kot so različni priročniki, navodila, tabele, ceniki, poslovni ali finančni podatki, ipd. Potrošnik se zavezuje, da bo za čas trajanja pogodbenega razmerja in še 5 let po njegovem prenehanju zaupne podatke Družbe zadržal v svoji sferi zasebnosti. V primeru kršitve te določbe je stranka odgovorna v skladu z veljavno civilno in kazensko zakonodajo.


    1. Omejitev odgovornosti


    10.1. Družba se trudi zagotoviti pravilnost podatkov, ki so objavljeni v spletni trgovini. Lastnosti izdelkov, rok dobave ali cena se lahko spremenijo tako hitro, da Družba ne uspe popraviti podatkov v spletni trgovini. V tem primeru bo Družba kupca obvestila o spremembah in mu omogočila odstop od naročila ali zamenjavo naročenega blaga.


    10.2. Fotografije ne zagotavljajo lastnosti blaga. Družba si prizadeva zagotoviti natančne fotografije prodajnih izdelkov, vendar je potrebno vse fotografije jemati kot simbolične.


    10.3. Družba si pridržuje pravico do začasne onesposobitve dostopa do spletne strani v primerih tehničnih težav ali vzdrževalnih del. V primeru pojavljanja tehničnih težav si Družba pridržuje pravico do preklica vseh naročil, izvedenih v obdobju pojavljanja tehničnih težav. V takih primerih bo Družba nemudoma obvestila stranko o tehničnih težavah ter posredovala navodila glede nadaljnjih postopkov. Stranka mora pred obiskom spletne strani Družbe na lastno odgovornost zagotoviti varnost svojih tehničnih sredstev za dostop do spletne strani in varnost uporabniških imen in gesel na spletni strani. 


    10.4. Družba si pridržuje pravico, da izjemoma odstopi od izvedbe naročila v primerih, ko naročeni izdelki niso več dobavljivi ali če je ugotovljena povečana plačilna rizičnost kupca.V vseh takih in podobnih primerih bo potrošnik o morebitnem odstopu od pogodbe s strani Družbe nemudoma obveščena.


    10.5. Družba si pridržuje možnost odstopa od pogodbe, če se ugotovi bistvena zmota v skladu z 46. členom Obligacijskega zakonika. To vključuje tudi očitne zmote v ceni.

    1. Obravnava pritožb in reševanje sporov


    11.1. Za razlago teh prodajnih pogojev ali pogodb, sklenjenih med Družbo in potrošnikom, se uporablja izključno pravo Republike Slovenije. Pogodbeni stranki se zavežeta reševati vse spore na miren način, v primeru izčrpanja vseh izvensodnih poti za dosego sporazuma pa je za reševanje spora pristojno krajevno pristojno sodišče v Republiki Sloveniji glede na stalno ali začasno prebivališče stranke.


    11.2. Skladno z zakonsko ureditvijo Družba ne priznava nikakršnega izvajalca izvensodnega reševanja potrošniških sporov kot pristojnega za reševanje potrošniškega spora, ki bi ga potrošnik lahko sprožil v skladu z Zakonom o izvensodnem reševanju potrošniških sporov.


    11.3. Ponudnik, ki kot ponudnik blaga omogoča spletno trgovino na območju RS, na svoji spletni strani objavlja elektronsko povezavo na platformo za spletno reševanje potrošniških sporov (SRPS). Platforma je na voljo potrošnikom na spletni povezavi: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.show&lng=SL Navedena ureditev izhaja iz Zakona o izvensodnem reševanju potrošniških sporov, Uredbe (EU) št. 524/2013 Evropskega parlamenta in Sveta o spletnem reševanju potrošniških sporov ter spremembi Uredbe (ES) št. 2016/2004 in Direktive 2009/22/ES.


    11.4. Družba spoštuje veljavno zakonodajo o varstvu potrošnikov ter zagotavlja učinkovit in zaupen sistem obravnavanja pritožb. Pritožbo je potrebno poslati na e-poštni naslov support.eu@juicymarbles.com.


    11.5. Družba bo potrošniku v 5 delovnih dneh po prejemu pritožbe potrdila prejem ter obvestila stranko o poteku in trajanju pritožbenega postopka.

    1. Odstop Družbe od pogodbe


    12.1. V primeru kršitve določil pogodbe ali teh splošnih pogojev s strani stranke ima Družba pravico odstopiti od pogodbe brez nadaljnjih obvestil stranki. V takem primeru Družba na transakcijski račun stranke vrne morebitne vplačane zneske.


    12.2. Družba ima pravico do odstopa od pogodbe, če potrošnik ne izpolnjuje svojih obveznosti, če daje Družbi neresnične podatke, ki otežujejo ali onemogočajo izpolnitev pogodbe in če ne plača svojih obveznosti skladno s pogodbo in temi splošnimi pogoji.

    1. Postopek oddaje naročila


    13.1. Na spletni strani lahko potrošnik s klikom izbere možnost “dodaj v košarico”. Sistem nato izda obvestilo o uspešnem vnosu izdelka v košarico želenega blaga. Ko sistem zabeleži dodani izdelek v košarici, se lahko potrošnik vrne v trgovino s klikom na ustrezen gumb ali pa nadaljuje s postopkom plačila.


    13.2. Če želi stranka odstraniti določen izdelek iz nakupovalne košarice, lahko s klikom na ikono košarice (zgornji desni kot na začetni spletni strani) dostopa do dodanih izdelkov ter s klikom na ikono “x”, ki se nahaja v desnem zgornjem kotu vsakega dodanega izdelka v košarici, odstrani izbrani izdelek. Če želi stranka dodati nove izdelke v košarico, najprej zapre odprt vmesnik košarice s klikom  kjerkoli izven območja vmesnika ali pa s klikom na gumb “x” v desnem zgornjem kotu vmesnika košarice, , nato pa nadaljuje s ponovitvijo postopka iz predhodnega člena.


    13.3. Po potrditvi nakupovalne košarice z izbranimi izdelki sistem preusmeri stranko na obrazec s podatki. Za izvršitev naročila mora stranka pravilno izpolniti vsa polja razen tistih, ki so označena kot neobvezna. Sistem omogoča stranki, da shrani posredovane podatke v uporabniški račun za prihodnja naročila.


    13.4. Uporabnik lahko izbira med zgoraj navedenimi načini plačila.


    13.5. V primeru da ima uporabnik kodo za popust, jo lahko ob oddaji naročila vnese v za to posebej označeno polje.


    13.6. Uporabnik navede naslov za dostavo in izbere med zgoraj navedenimi plačilnimi metodami.


    13.7. Pred oddajo naročila lahko uporabnik preveri in po potrebi popravi vse vnesene podatke , ki mu jih v zvezi z naročilom sistem izpiše po uspešni potrditvi vseh predhodnih faz postopka.  Uporabnik naročilo potrdi s klikom na gumb “Plačaj zdaj”, s tem pa se zaveže k izpolnitvi pogodbe in potrdi, da je zavezan k plačilu. V primeru, da je naročilo uspešno oddano, sistem izpiše številko naročila.


    13.8. Po uspešni oddaji naročila uporabnik na svoj e-poštni naslov prejme potrdilo o prejetju in potrditvi naročila.

    1. Dobavni pogoji


    14.1. Strošek dostave in ali je vključen v ceno izdelka je odvisen od navedbe v ceniku. 


    14.2. V primeru, da Družba zaradi nepredvidljivih razlogov blaga ne more odpremiti v obljubljenem roku, o novem dobavnem roku obvesti stranko preko posredovanih kontaktnih podatkov.


    14.3. Družba v nobenem primeru ne odgovarja za nedobavo blaga iz razlogov, na katere nima vpliva. Družba si bo prizadevala storiti vse potrebno, da se dobava blaga opravi čim hitreje in da bo stranka sproti in redno obveščana o morebitnih zamudah dobave s strani dobavitelja.


    14.4. V primeru, da stranka ne prejme naročenega blaga v dogovorjenem roku, mora Družbo pozvati na izpolnitev obveznosti in določiti dodatni rok za izpolnitev obveznosti. Če Družba tudi v dodatnem roku ne opravi dobave oziroma izpolni obveznosti, lahko stranka odstopi od sklenjene pogodbe in zahteva vračilo že vplačanih zneskov za nakup blaga.


    14.5. Na dostavne roke za izdelke lahko med drugim vplivajo nepredvidljivi dejavniki, kot so prometni zastoji, prometne konice in vremenske razmere za kar Družba ne odgovarja.


    1. Prevzem blaga


    15.1. V primeru dostave blaga preko partnerskih ponudnikov dostavne službe je stranka dolžna prevzeti blago v skladu s pogoji izvajalca dostavne službe.


    1. Pravica do odstopa od pogodbe


    16.1. Potrošnik nima pravice do odstopa od naročila v primeru blaga, ki je hrana skladno z izjemo 7. odstavka 135.člena Zakona o varstvu potrošnikov, ker gre pri naročilu za: dobavo zapečatenega blaga, ki ni primerno za vračilo zaradi varovanja zdravja ali higienskih vzrokov, če je potrošnik po dostavi odprl pečat in dostavo hrane, pri katerih se podjetje zaveže, da bo izpolnilo svojo obveznost ob točno določenem datumu ali v točno določenem roku. Pri drugih neživilskih izdelkih ima potrošnik pravico, da v 14 dneh od prejema neživilskih izdelkov družbi sporoči, da odstopa od pogodbe, ne da bi mu bilo treba navesti razlog za svojo odločitev. Rok za odstop od pogodbe začne teči naslednji dan po dnevu prejema blaga.


    16.2. Po potrditvi prejema naročila ni možna sprememba vsebine naročila oz. končnega zneska naročila, razen izjemoma z odobritvijo Družbe.


    1. Odgovornost za stvarne in pravne napake


    17.1. Družba se zavezuje povrniti plačano kupnino ali na kakršen koli način zamenjati izdelke, če ti ne izpolnjujejo specifikacij ali drugih zahtev, ki niso povezane s skladnostjo, navedene v opisu izdelkov ali oglaševanju, ki je na voljo v času ali pred sklenitvijo pogodbe (»napake«).


    17.2. Družba odgovarja za stvarne napake, ki jih je blago imelo takrat, ko je nevarnost naključnega uničenja ali poškodovanja prešla na stranko. Ta trenutek praviloma nastane s prevzemom blaga.


    17.3. Napaka je stvarna:

    - če stvar nima lastnosti, ki so potrebne za njeno normalno rabo ali za promet;

    - če stvar nima lastnosti, ki so potrebne za posebno rabo, za katero jo kupec kupuje, ki pa je bila prodajalcu znana oziroma bi mu morala biti znana;

    - če stvar nima lastnosti in odlik, ki so bile izrecno ali molče dogovorjene oziroma predpisane;

    - če je prodajalec izročil stvar, ki se ne ujema z vzorcem ali modelom, razen če je bil vzorec ali model pokazan le zaradi obvestila.


    17.4. Stranka je dolžna nemudoma oz. takoj, ko je mogoče, pregledati predmet pogodbe, ugotoviti morebitne napake in jih zabeležiti. V nasprotnem primeru Družba ne upošteva stvarnih napak, ki niso skrite in so bile znane ali bi morale biti znane ob pregledu predmeta pogodbe.


    17.5. Stranka je dolžna o očitnih stvarnih napakah obvestiti Družbo nemudoma po dolžnem pregledu, najkasneje v roku 48 ur po prejemu in takoj po dejanskem odkritju skrite stvarne napake. V nasprotnem primeru Družba ni odgovorna za omenjene napake.


    17.6. Stranka je dolžna obvestiti Družbo o napaki v roku dveh mesecev od odkritja napake.


    17.7. Podjetje odgovarja za napake, ki obstajajo ob dobavi blaga in se pokažejo v dveh letih od dneva dobave blaga.


    17.8. Po obvestitvi Družbe o stvarni napaki mora Potrošnik Družbi omogočiti pregled blaga in v obvestilu o stvarni napaki natančneje opisati napako.


    17.9. Neznatnih stvarnih napak Družba ne upošteva.


    17.10. Če Družba ugotovi obstoj stvarne napake skladno s pravočasnim in pravilnim obvestilom potrošnika, ima potrošnik v zvezi z blagom pravico, da od Družbe po vrstnem redu zahteva:

    -   popravilo ali zamenjava blaga (zahteva za brezplačno vzpostavitev skladnosti),

    -   vrnitev dela plačanega zneska v sorazmerju z napako (zahteva za znižanje kupnine), 

    -   vrnitev plačanega zneska (odstop od prodajne pogodbe)


    V primeru zahteve za brezplačno vzpostavitev skladnosti je popravilo blaga nemogoče, zato potrošnik nima pravice do izbire med popravilom in zamenjavo blaga.


    Brezplačno vzpostavitev skladnosti blaga od Družbe potrošnik zahteva v razumnem roku, ki od trenutka obvestila ni daljši od 30 dni.


    Če v tem roku Družba ne popravi oz. zamenja blaga, je potrošnik upravičen zahtevati znižanje kupnine ali odstop od pogodbe in vračilo denarja. 


    17.11. Kadar potrošnik odstopi od prodajne pogodbe, Družba potrošniku vrne plačan znesek nemudoma, vendar najpozneje v osmih dneh po ugotovitve stvarne napake. 


    Kadar pa potrošnik zahteva sorazmerno znižanje kupnine, Družba vrne del kupnine v osmih dneh od prejema zahtevka za sorazmerno znižanje kupnine.[


    17.12.  Družba jamči, da v zvezi s predmetom pogodbe nobena tretja oseba nima lastninske pravice ali pravice avtorske ali industrijske lastnine, ki bi izključila, zmanjšala ali omejila pravice stranke. Družba zagotavlja, da so te pravice zaščitene s pogodbami, sklenjenimi med Družbo njenimi pogodbenimi partnerji.


    Zadnja posodobitev: 1.3.2024


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